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WELLJET Reagent Dispenser and Dispenser Stacker

The WELLJET dispenser and dispenser stacker are designed to offer superior user experience and flexibility for applications that require low cost, fast and precise bulk reagent dispensing. Based on peristaltic pump technology and non-contact dispensing, a wide volume range can be covered, from 0.5 µl up to 10 ml.

Real-Time PCR System - Gentier96E/R

The Tianlong Gentier 96E/R Real-Time PCR System is designed to meet the experimental needs of high-end laboratories. With the 6/4 fluorescence channels, Gentier 96E/R can process 96 samples in one run. With a powerful and efficient temperature control system, easy-to-use software, and user-friendly operational design, Tianlong Gentier 96E/R can

Automatic Nucleic Acid Workstation -PANA9600S

PANA 9600S automatic nucleic acid workstation is designed according to the principles of magnetic beads method and rotary nucleic acid extraction technology. This workstation integrates the workflow of sample information scanning, sample loading, nucleic acid extraction, and PCR system setup, which makes your experiment easy to start and delivers enormous

Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor - GeneRotex96

Tianlong GeneRotex 96 nucleic acid extractor is designed with our innovative rotary mixing technology(RMT), which can reduce aerosol generated during the purification process, minimize the risk of false positives caused by cross-contamination, and ensure the accuracy of experiment results. The innovative 6*16 extraction module, compatible with 96-deep-well plates and 6-tube strips,

Automatic Sample Processing System

Model No: GeneMix Pro Tianlong Automatic Sample Processing System -GeneMix Pro is designed for automating laboratory workflow and maintains sample integrity with a hands-free method of capping and decapping tubes quickly and easily. GeneMix Pro can process 96 samples within 20 minutes and free professionals from tedious mechanical operations. The workflow includes

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