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Automatic Sample Processing System

GeneMix Pro

Principle: Automation of PCR laboratory workflow

Automation: Yes

Approvals: CE, FDA

Suitability: For PCR Lab use

Capital equipment required: No


Model No: GeneMix Pro

Tianlong Automatic Sample Processing System -GeneMix Pro is designed for automating laboratory workflow and maintains sample integrity with a hands-free method of capping and decapping tubes quickly and easily. GeneMix Pro can process 96 samples within 20 minutes and free professionals from tedious mechanical operations. The workflow includes automated uncap/recap for sample tubes, sample pipetting and dispensing, Proteinase K/lnternal reference reagent loading, and automatic mixing of sample tubes. GeneMix Pro can automate laboratory workflow and improve efficiency and safety for medical professionals.

Key Points:
  • Automated laboratory workflow

With an automated sample preparation process, 96 samples can process within 20 minutes from sample tube scanning to deep well plate scanning.

  • Highly compatible

Compatible with the various specifications of sampling tubes and deep-well plates, ready for use with customized specification

  • Ease of use

‘Sample-rack-plate’ information scans automatically, sample to result in closed-loop management can save time and minimize human error.

  • Superior sample protection

With built-in UV light disinfection in the experimental chamber, drop catcher technology, and an enclosed design with an internal negative pressure system to ensure sample integrity.



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