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2nd February 2016  Content supplied by: Primerdesign Ltd

Zika Virus Real-Time PCR Kit from Primerdesign (for RUO)

These kits are for research use only and are not licensed for diagnostic procedures.

Primerdesign have a range of real-time PCR kits for the detection and simultaneous quantification of Zika Virus.Range includes Easy, Standard and Advanced depending on the skill level of the laboratory. The range is designed to work on the genesig q16 which is an affordable benchtop qPCR instrument.

The kit is designed with the broadest possible detection profile to ensure that all clinically relevant strains and subtypes are detected. Target sequences are selected by working with data from key opinion leaders in the field. Multiple sequence alignments and unprecedented real-time PCR expertise in design and validation ensure the best possible kit.

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Date Published: 2nd February 2016

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