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1st April 2019  Content supplied by: Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH

Vivalytic from Bosch - Universal Platform for Molecular Laboratory Diagnostics

Vivalytic is a powerful analysis system which tests in fully automated manner a wide variety of samples for pathogens using PCR. The user enters the patient sample into a Vivalytic cartridge and slides it into the analyser. There, the test starts automatically and outputs the result of the analysis after a short time. Diag­nostics for making important therapeutic deci­sions on a molecular basis can be this easy.

With Vivalytic, single or multiple pathogens can be detected simultaneously from one patient sample. The fully automatic implementation of previously manual analyses can save a great deal of time in the clinic, laboratory or everyday practice. It is also reliable and significantly less error prone than manual test procedures. Vivalytic there­fore supports successful therapy based on rapid diagnoses.

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Date Published: 1st April 2019

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