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12th January 2017  Content supplied by: Hygiena International Ltd

3 in 1 Salmonella Test Gives Simple Rapid Screening

Hygiena’s line of rapid micro-organism tests InSite™ Salmonella is a rapid and convenient colorimetric Salmonella species test for environmental surfaces. Its all-in-one test format combines sample collection, pre-enrichment and selective steps in a single device. This improves measurement, reduces costs, maintains security and minimises the risk of cross contamination. It also retains the active culture for any subsequent verification and identification tests.

InSite™ Salmonella is a self-contained, ready-to-use swab test which contains a specialized liquid medium (AOAC certified) which changes colour when Salmonella species are present in the sample. A colour change from purple to bright yellow indicates presence, with positive results in as early as 24 hours from sample collection. A short pre-enrichment period of 6 - 8 hours also enables detection of presumptive positive samples within the 24 hour period. Otherwise, optional overnight or 24 hour pre-enrichment enables detection of such samples in 48 hours. The all-in-one test device eliminates the need for sample preparation materials, saving material and labour costs.

Other environmental Salmonella tests require several complicated steps after sampling including several media, and transfer of enriched sample to different test device. InSite™ Salmonella’s convenient design eliminates the need for any special preparation, measurement, or enrichment outside the test device, simplifying the assay so any level of user can successfully run the test, thus virtually eliminating the possibility of operator error.

The incorporation of a large foam swab bud improves sample collection, while enabling the coverage of a large surface area for environmental surface testing. The neutralising non-selective pre-enrichment broth utilised enables detection for even low numbers of Salmonella. It also minimises the effect of residual sanitisers while also facilitating the recovery of stressed cells. InSite™ provides a proven performance for the detection of Salmonella, but with little interference from non-Salmonella bacteria.

Environmental pathogen screening, such as with InSite™ Salmonella, is a critical element of a comprehensive environmental monitoring program for certain food manufacturers. Not only does environmental monitoring verify a sanitation procedure is effective, it is also part of a well-designed preventive control verification program. The US Food and Drug Administration’s proposed rule for preventive controls in the Food Safety Modernization Act suggests emphasis on environmental pathogen monitoring for food processors with significant contamination risk. Accordingly, InSite™ Salmonella meets the needs of food processors for a rapid, convenient, and affordable environmental pathogen screening test kit.

InSite™ Salmonella joins Hygiena’s line of rapid microorganism tests, including those for Total Viable Count, Listeria species, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliform, and E. coli. Other products from Hygiena include the world’s best-selling ATP monitoring systems and convenient allergen prevention test kits.

For more information about InSite™ Salmonella, contact Hygiena or learn more about InSite Salmonella here.

Watch the InSite Salmonella Species Environmental Test Instructional Demo.

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Date Published: 12th January 2017

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