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19th September 2006  Content supplied by: Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Vision Salmonella Slide Agglutination Sera - "The Bakers Dozen"

In today's busy routine microbiology laboratory, consolidation of testing services is increasingly widespread. A common issue is multiple laboratories conducting testing, that may require repeat testing at a reference site for confirmation, epidemiology or legal reasons. The full serological identification of Salmonella isolates falls into this category.

An extensive independent market survey has been carried out for Pro-Lab Diagnostics, established for many years as a manufacturer and supplier of high quality sera for Salmonella, Shigella, and E.coli.

It concluded that although full serological testing may not be required for all species in all laboratories, certain serotypes still require bench level identification in all routine microbiology laboratories. These include:

Serotype Salmonella typhi 9, 12, Vi, d Salmonella typhimurium 4, 5, 12, i, 2 Salmonella enteritidis 9, 12, gm, 7

As economy, performance and reliability remain the key, Pro-Lab Diagnostics is pleased to introduce:

"The Bakers Dozen." 13 selected antisera to cover the full identification of all of the above.

Catalogue Ref:Description
PL6002Polyvalent SomaticA-S
PL6100Polyvalent FlagellaPhase 1 & 2
PL6101Polyvalent FlagellaPhase 2
PL6011Monovalent SomaticGroup B Factor 4
PL6012Monovalent SomaticGroup B Factor 5
PL6040Vi(Virulence Factor)
PL6015Monovalent SomaticGroup D Factor 9
PL6016Monovalent SomaticGroup A,B,D Factor 12
PL6113Monovalent FlagellaFactor d
PL6122Monovalent FlagellaFactor gm
PL6133Monovalent FlagellaFactor i
PL6153Monovalent FlagellaFactor 2
PL6156Monovalent FlagellaFactor 7

All sera are supplied in 3ml volumes with long shelf lives up to 3 years from date of manufacture.


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Date Published: 19th September 2006

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