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Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Offers Super Fast Microbial ID

The University of Illinois Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has recently acquired a MALDI Biotyper instrument (manufactured by Bruker Daltronics, Inc.). Using MALDI-TOF technology the instrument analyses proteins from incubated specimens giving a “unique molecular fingerprint" which can be immediately matched against the profiles of 5,600 distinct pathogens—bacteria, yeasts, and fungi —in the system’s database. Taking only 90 minutes to identify up to 96 isolates.

Samples for identification may be submitted from a wide range of clients, from veterinarians and physicians to researchers and public health officials.

Read more about the MALDI Biotyper and how it helped with the case of the cat with Cryptococcus -

Tags: Identification, MALDI-TOF

Date Published: June 30, 2015

Source article link: University of Illinois Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
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