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11th November 2013  Content supplied by: Ventana Medical Systems

Ventana BenchMark Special Stains Platform - Fully Automated Gram Stain

Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. part of the Roche Group, have launched the VENTANA Gram Staining Kit1. Automated for use on the VENTANA BenchMark Special Stains instrument, the Gram Staining Kit aids pathologists in the most basic classification of bacteria into Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in fixed tissue samples. Gram stain classification is clinically useful as it provides an initial indication of the nature of a patient's infection.The Gram stain is part of a family of histochemical special stains that many laboratories around the world still run manually today. In automating the stain, Ventana gives its customers an efficient and automated method to perform this technically challenging assay, enabling them to achieve increased productivity, consistency, and testing quality.

'Tissue diagnostics play a critical role in enabling accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions for cancer patients. Ventana is dedicated to providing laboratories, pathologists and their patients with novel assays, and we are empowering our customers to achieve greater efficiencies by automating common, yet labor-intensive tests like the Gram stain,' says Mara G. Aspinall, President, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

The Gram Staining kit is the newest addition to the Ventana product offerings on the highly successful, fully automated BenchMark Special Stains platform launched in mid-2012. The kit offers two counterstain options and testing protocol flexibility to meet pathologists' individual preferences.

1The VENTANA Gram Stain Kit is being launched as a US Class I exempt/ CE-IVD product.


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Date Published: 11th November 2013

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