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26th October 2021  Content supplied by: Condalab

UTIC: CondaChrome for Uropathogens Detection and Identification

Urinary pathogens are a significant health concern, having a higher prevalence in women and an added risk in people with diabetes. It is estimated that one in two women will suffer at least one UTI in their lifetime. Additionally, the surfaces of medical devices and instruments maintain ideal conditions for species such as Enterococcus and Staphylococcus that necessitate the control and analysis of both these surfaces and human samples to study the population.

Condalab has developed its chromogenic culture media catalogue to support the improvement of detection and control from the front line. CondaChrome® products have many applications, as it contemplates media for cosmetic, water, food industries and clinical diagnosis among others. All of them offer clear advantages when compared to standard methods that optimize the process. The first noticeable is that the confirmation step is generally not required. These are specific media for the growth of certain microorganisms of interest. Each one will do so by forming colonies of different colors, thus reducing quality control times. Therefore, fewer materials are used during the process, making it more straightforward.

For the effective detection of uropathogens, we offer our CondaChrome® UTIC, which not only detects the most common uropathogens, E. coli and Staphylococcus, but also those that have a minor incidence, such as K. Pneumoniae, P. Aeruginosa, or even P. mirabilis, whose infections are more probable in patients with catheters inserted for an extended period of time. Thanks to its special composition, it can specifically detect eight microbial species, all generating colonies of different colors, thus greatly facilitating the identification of the microorganisms present in the sample.

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Date Published: 26th October 2021

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