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11th May 2022  Product update: Paul Carton

Ultra-fast Lateral-flow Antigen Test for COVID-19 Showcased at ECCMID

Abionic, a Swiss-based diagnostic company, recently launched an ultra-fast 2-minute nanofluidic antigen test for SARS-CoV-2. Reliable and accurate, the test can provide unequivocal results and is designed to be used at schools, events, companies, hotels, or airports, where swift diagnosis matters.

Dr. Nicholas Durand, Abionic's CEO and Founder, was at ECCMID 2022 showcasing the abioSCOPE® platform; a POCT immunoassay reader heralded as the fastest in the world. But before its results could be validated for travel, there was one small problem, Switzerland is not in the EU.

"The test and the abioSCOPE reader have everything required to be listed on the EU common list; it takes nasopharyngeal and saliva samples and generates a QR code too. However, as we are a Swiss company, we need the test validated by an EU member state. This is now the case in Portugal, and we are now waiting to be added to the EU common list, which should be a matter of days.

Unilabs, one of the leading analysis laboratory companies, has recently conducted an independent study which showed that our antigen test is one of the best performing on the market and the fastest by far!" said Dr. Durand.

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Date Published: 11th May 2022

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