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12th November 2019  Author: Paul Carton

TTP LabTech Make Low-Volume Mosquito Genomics® More User-Friendly 

The low-volume pipetting Mosquito Genomics® model from TTP Labtech has been upgraded to improve user experience. The instrument which is designed for miniaturized molecular biology applications allowing scientists accurate and repeatable nanolitre to microlitre pipetting irrespective of viscosity has been given new user-friendly features, which include a new ergonomic design and protocol wizards. Also, as part of the upgrade, the low-volume Mosquito Genomics has now enhanced cooling to protect sample and reagent integrity and improved SPRI bead clean-up designed specifically for miniaturized protocols.  

Dr. Klaus Hentrich, Product Manager for Genomics at TTP Labtech, explains the benefits of these improvements, "Together, the new features significantly improve our customers' experience of using mosquito genomics. For scientists working with single-cell or bulk RNA, or with sensitive enzymatic reagents, the new cooling option feature provides essential control over temperature-reliant workflows. The bead clean-up process is particularly helpful in miniaturized single-cell and bulk library preparation workflows. Finally, from a software development standpoint, the protocol wizards synthesize the vast domain knowledge of our team of application scientists to simplify and standardize the process of establishing miniaturized workflows. By increasing the efficiency of genomics workflows, we want to help scientists maximize their results and accelerate discovery."



Date Published: 12th November 2019

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