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25th September 2018  Content supplied by: Orum International

TRIO.BAS for At Rest / In Operation / At the End of Shift - Monitoring

Regulatory Standards request that the microbial content of the air is tested "At Rest" and "In Operation".

The TRIO.BAS DUO and TRIO can be specifically used for this purpose.

They can be programmed for working shifts in a Cleanroom, (e.g. from two hours to six hours).

The air sampler is programmed before the start of the shift and the culture plate collected at the end, reducing the manipulation risk of contamination and saving operator’s time, in comparison with a single head.

ORUM International Srl presented at Achema 2018 the system to acheive the requirements of the pharma regulatory authorities i.e. that the monitoring of microbiological conditions of a cleanroom should be performed at different times / steps. The standard gives the following title / definitions: “at rest”, “in operation”, “at the end of operation” of the working activity.

The TRIO.BAS DUO or TRIO.BAS TRIO air samplers are programmed to apply the requested protocol, reducing risk of contamination. The sampling data, at the end of the day or shift can be transferred to P.C, ensuring data integrity.

The use of the “Daily Shift” certified aspirating head reduces time of preparation and risk of contamination.

The Application Note is available from 

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Date Published: 25th September 2018

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