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27th September 2018  Content supplied by: Environmental Monitoring Services (Irl) Ltd.

Trade In Any Active Air Microbiological Monitor Against a New Minicapt Mobile Unit.

Many customers have old active air monitors that are either obsolete or coming to the end of their life cycle, normally these instruments would have zero value and would eventually end up in the scrap bin.

EMS is offering a chance for customers to recycle / find some value in these old units with this offer until the end of 2018.

The MiniCapt Portable Microbial Sampler enables collection of biocontamination samples throughout cleanrooms and clean air facilities. The slits in the BioCapt™ Impactor head are precision cut to ensure laminar flow, thus maximizing collection efficiencies for viable particles of interest in accordance with ISO 14698-1.

Biological efficiency is guaranteed by ensuring optimal impaction velocity, also giving statistical control over false positive results. Sampling intervals are completely customizable by the user to start and stop multiple times per run so the entire process can be monitored. The fully autoclavable BioCapt Impactor Head, highly sanitizable sampler case, and HEPA filtered outlet air ensure that the MiniCapt Portable Microbial Sampler does not contaminate the cleanroom environment.

Monitoring of compressed gases or remote sampling of aseptic environments is possible with the purchase of the optional compressed gases kit or isolator kit.

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Date Published: 27th September 2018

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