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2nd February 2021  Content supplied by: Hygiena International Ltd

The Value of Environmental Monitoring - Is Your Facility "Clean"?

Food safety philosophy is based on prevention. This requires having rapid, accurate, and cost-effective tools to monitor the efficacy of internal control programs and processes as part of your overall Food Safety Program. The best way to approach this is through strong environmental monitoring programs. This means testing surfaces and equipment for the presence of potential contaminants, including microorganisms and allergens.

Hygiena offers a single monitoring system that can identify the presence of these contaminants: EnSURE™ Touch. Similar to a smartphone, it features a 5’’ touch screen, wireless sync technology, and cloud-based software for capturing results at multiple locations within your facility and across multiple sites. It is also Wi-Fi capable, allowing you to securely sync your results with our cloud-based data analysis software, SureTrend Cloud, without connecting via USB.

By using Hygiena’s test devices for sample collection and reading in the EnSURE Touch luminometer, you can readily detect ATP or indicator microorganisms. ATP bioluminescence provides a simple, rapid test method for monitoring cleanliness, hygiene, and risk. Test devices include UltraSnap™, an all-in-one ATP surface test with a pre-moistened swab for optimal sample recovery. It exhibits superior repeatability, linearity, sensitivity, and accuracy over other ATP systems.  It has AOAC Performance TestedSM certification when used with the EnSURE Touch monitoring system. Other ATP monitoring options include AquaSnap™ for water monitoring and SuperSnap™ for extremely sensitive detection of surface ATP. SuperSnap detects extremely low levels of ATP (down to 0.1 fmol) so it can be used as an allergen cross-contamination prevention tool or when dealing with harsh samples. Our MicroSnap™ test devices can be used to detect the presence of coliform bacteria, E. coli or Enterobacteriaceae specifically, or total viable counts.

When it comes to allergen detection, Hygiena also provides rapid, simple solutions. Our AllerSnap™ test is a quick and easy way to verify cleanliness by detecting protein residue left behind after cleaning. It provides broad-range results in 15-30 min with an easy-to-interpret semi-quantitative color change and a sensitivity level of down to 3 µg of protein. Hygiena also offers AlerTox® Sticks for the rapid detection of specific allergens in food, drinks, and on surfaces. Results can be obtained in 10 minutes and sensitivity is from 1 -20 ppm depending on the allergen. Tests are available for crustacean, egg, hazelnut, fish, B-lactoglobulin, almond, mustard seed, casein, soy, total milk, walnut, and peanut.

Whichever testing methods you use, keep in mind that there are several studies showing that incorporating high sensitivity ATP testing with protein residue detection can result in an ultra-efficient surface allergen prevention program. By using the products above, you can maximize your allergen prevention program by eliminating cross-contamination, ensuring product integrity, and protecting brand reputation, making sure allergens are caught before they make it into your product.

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Date Published: 2nd February 2021

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