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12th January 2022  Content supplied by: EIT International

The Bactiscan™ Gains International Recognition

Here at EIT International, we have seen the first-hand application of our revolutionary Bactiscan bacteria and biofilm detection system within the wider international market.

Recently we travelled the world, in person and virtually, talking to different sectors and professionals in India, Brazil, Ireland, Canada and many more, to showcase the wide scope that Bactiscan has across multiple applications, to increase safety standards and increase product efficiency.
At the same time, we discussed the wide reach of the Bactiscan with specific professionals within their own field.

EIT International giving a presentation on Bactiscan
to an International Production Plant, Brazil.

When our in-house experts visited Canada for example, they spoke with Healthcare professionals about the applications of Bactiscan within the scenario of a hospital operation theatre, showcasing the new level of sterile cleanliness you can achieve with Bactiscan. In Singapore, we demonstrated the benefits of the Bactiscan to show areas of cleanliness that were being missed when using more traditional forms of UV lights in a meat processing facility.

We are proud that Bactiscan is being chosen by some of the world's largest food, dairy, pharma and brewing entities as their preferred first stage bacteria detection tool. We have over 34 resellers based across the world, who speak over 26 different languages meaning we can support you and answer any enquiry you may have.

For more information on the Bactiscan, follow this link, to speak with one of our experts - click here or use the Request Information button below.

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Date Published: 12th January 2022

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