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22nd March 2007  Content supplied by: Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Testoxidase® - Rapid, Reliable, Convenient Oxidase Testing - FREE Sample Available

Oxidase testing is carried out in all microbiology laboratories for the routine detection of Bacterial Cytochrome Oxidase. The oxidase test is a simple differential test used in the initial identification of a number of bacteria.

Traditional testing is carried out by preparing fresh solutions of NNN,N-tetramethyl-p-phenlyenediamine on a daily basis in the laboratory. This reagent could then be used throughout the day, a positive reaction being indicated by the formation of a deep purple colouration where a colony comes into contact with the reagent.

The disadvantages of this method include the absence of required quality control, the reagent is not IVD compliant, the hazards associated with the handling of the compound in powdered form, and the solution effectively expires within 24 hours of preparation.

Testoxidase®, manufactured by Pro-Lab Diagnostics provides a convenient, qualitative, cost effective, ready to use reagent for Cytochrome Oxidase Testing. Testoxidase® is based upon the oxidation of NNN,N- tetramethyl-p-phenlyenediamine by bacterial cytochrome in the presence of atmospheric oxygen to form the purple coloured compound known as Wurster's Blue.

Testoxidase® is adaptable to all traditional methods including the use of filter paper strips, discs, swab tips and plate flooding. It is stored at "room temperature" allowing for the reagent to be readily available at all times on the bench, and is stable for "9 Months" from date of manufacture. Supplied in a 15ml dropper bottle, allowing for up to 350 tests.

The Facts......

  • Presented in traditional liquid ready to use format.
  • Adaptable to all traditional laboratory methods. Filter paper strips, discs, swab tips, plate flooding.
  • Stored at room temperature allowing for reagent to be readily available at bench level.
  • Guaranteed performance.
  • 9 month shelf life.
  • Economical 15ml dropper bottle, allowing for up to 350 tests.
  • Clear rapid results within 30 seconds.
  • PL390 Testoxidase® 15ml

To receive further details or your FREE SAMPLE, please contact sales coordination at Pro-Lab Diagnostics. Tel +44 151 353 1613. fax +44 151 353 1614 or

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Date Published: 22nd March 2007

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