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30th September 2019  Content supplied by: Asynt

Sustainable Solutions for Laboratory Heating and Cooling

1940_Asynt_SustainableLabHeatingSolutionsThe DrySyn range of heating & cooling blocks from Asynt is enabling laboratories around the world to undertake clean, safe synthetic reactions both individually or in parallel.

Driven by the growing global demand for more sustainable and user-friendly laboratory products, the DrySyn range offers a clean, safe alternative to oil baths and heating mantles which both reduces costs in purchasing and disposal of oil, and offers a reduction in energy consumption. Whether you wish to perform reactions in round bottom flasks, tubes or vials, either one at a time or in parallel, there are DrySyn heating and cooling options available to optimally suit almost any application.

Acknowledging that scientists can often benefit from multiple DrySyn options - Asynt has produced a new technical brochure that provides detailed information on the key features and benefits of its single and multi-position DrySyn heating and cooling blocks.  Also included are the DrySyn Reaction Vial Inserts, OCTO Reactor and Spiral Evaporator which have proven popular additions to the range. A suite of testimonials from labs around the world is also included in addition to popular purchase options.

The brochure also provides further information on DrySyn accessories including CondenSyn waterless reflux condensers, Water Manifolds and the Asynt Hotplate Stirrer Kit.

Precision engineered in the UK, all DrySyn heating and cooling blocks are manufactured from traceable aluminium and are anodised to give a chemically resistant finish.

To download a PDF copy of the new DrySyn range brochure please visit or  contact Asynt on +44-1638-781709 / to request a copy.

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Date Published: 30th September 2019

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