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10th October 2017  Content supplied by: rapidmicrobiology.com

Special Focus - What's on Show at PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology 2017

This years theme at the Annual PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology in Bethseda, MD, Oct 16 - Oct 18, 2017, is 'Solving Microbiological Challenges and Sustaining Success Through a Culture of Collaboration'. Whether you are attending the conference this year or just want to keep up to date with the latest in products for the pharma microbiology laboratory, you can see here what's going to be on the exhibition stands.

Charles River Microbial Solutions - Bacterial Endotoxin Testing Flexible Endosafe® endotoxin testing solutions, from traditional LAL reagents to our line of rapid, real-time single and high volume sample testing systems. We’ll be performing demonstrations of the See how the Endosafe® Nexus™, our fully automated endotoxin testing system, reduces variability, increases reliability, and removes subjectivity. Visit Booth #209  READ MORE

Charles River Microbial Solutions - Environmental Monitoring Software Concerned about data integrity when analyzing EM trends? Discover how our new Accugenix® Tracking and Trending features automate reporting, simplify data analysis, and provide secure data management. Visit Booth #209  READ MORE

Charles River Microbial Solutions - Rapid Microbial Detection Amplified ATP-based detection has raised the standard for what is considered rapid. The Celsis Accel® with AMPiScreen® easily fits into your existing test method, but removes days of incubation by replacing it with a simple but confident assay. Visit Booth #209  READ MORE

Smart Tools for Microbiological Quality Control from Sartorius As a QC lab technician, you are a Real Hero for us and deserve only the best! Thank you for visiting us during PDA, where we hope you discovered our unique tools to help you to meet the daily challenges within your QC process.  READ MORE

Introducing the New Pall Laboratory Manifold Whether you are right or left handed, the new Pall laboratory manifold will make setting up your filtration test workflow easier, the interchangeable components slip simply into the manifold, whose components can be separated for easy autoclaving, reducing cross-contamination. Visit Booth #203 READ MORE

InnovaPrep Introduces the New CP-Select Bio-Concentrator See a demonstration of the new concentrating Pipette Select - the only automated and rapid bio-concentrator available. Visit Booth #303 READ MORE

The 2017 PDA Globally Microbiology Conference was held on Oct 16 - Oct 18, 2017 in Bethseda, MD.


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Date Published: 10th October 2017

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