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5th March 2019  Content supplied by: rapidmicrobiology.com

Special Focus on Pyrogen and Endotoxin Testing

This rapidmicrobiology.com special focus showcases products and services available to manufacturers of parenteral drugs and implanted medical devices for the testing of their products for pyrogens such as endotoxins. Explore the established Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) formats and the new approaches that use  non-animal based methods such as Recombinant Horseshoe Crab Factor C (rFC) and the Monocyte Activation Test (MAT). 

Water for Injection

Bacterial Endotoxin Risks to Pharmaceutical Water Systems: Three Case Studies
This article looks at three case studies outlining the risk that endotoxin poses to poorly maintained pharmaceutical water systems. more...


Pyrogen Detection

Detect Endotoxin and Non-Endotoxin Pyrogens in one in vitro Test
Pyrogen Detection: Want to stop using animal-based methods and get higher sensitivity? Make the move to the monocyte activation test - the only method that detects the full range of endotoxin and non-endotoxin pyrogens. Discover our PyroMAT® in vitro more...


Bacterial Endotoxin Testing from Charles River

Explore Bacterial Endotoxin Testing from Charles River
Charles River’s portfolio of FDA-licensed products for bacterial endotoxin testing is designed to increase data integrity compliance, reduce retest rates, and streamline manufacturing processes, allowing prompt, confident decisions. more...


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Lonza’s PyroGene™ recombinant Factor C Assay

Recombinant Technologies for Endotoxin Testing: A Boost in Interest
Lonza’s PyroGene™ recombinant Factor C Assay does not rely on lysate derived from horseshoe crabs and has proven equivalency to LAL-based methods. Therefore, companies can feel confident in implementing rFC methods in their QC testing labs. more...


bioMérieux endotoxin detection assays

ENDONEXT™ Endotoxin Detection Assays
bioMérieux endotoxin detection assays and services are at the frontier of endotoxin testing with recombinant technology.   more...


Horseshoe Crab

How to Ensure WFI, Raw Materials and Finished Product are Pyrogen Free
Bacterial Endotoxin Testing has many applications: Finished product and raw material QC release, the calculation of endotoxin limits for ingredients and resolution of out-of-specification results.  Here’s how Honeyman can help you assure compliance. more...

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Date Published: 5th March 2019

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