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20th August 2018  Content supplied by: rapidmicrobiology.com

Some Microbiology Video Highlights



Once worth billions of dollars, blood testing company Theranos is now bust, hear from the technical specialists that worked there, what happened - where did they cross the line from technical hiccups to fraud.

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Watch Staph aureus growing with bioMerieux's EVISIGHT® COMPACT an automated plate reading system that reads every step of growth and is providing results for Growth Promotion test after 24 hours.

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The BD Synapsys™ Microbiology Informatics Solution integrates data from different microbiology systems for automated documentation, near real-time actionable results, streamlined workflow -

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Meet Angus who works in a Vancouver hospital sniffing out Clostridium difficile -

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Dr. John Melki, CEO of Genetic Signatures Ltd speaks to Proactive Investor about how changing 4 DNA base pairs to 3 reduces test complexity and their  EasyScreen Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit for detecting the 14 most common respiratory infections.

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Date Published: 20th August 2018

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