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30th August 2018  Content supplied by: Genetic Signatures Ltd.

Genetic Signatures Signs Up Major Australian Pathology Services Lab Ahead of Flu Season

Genetic Signatures has secured a new sales contract with a large Australian pathology service provider for its second generation EasyScreen™ Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit.

The pathology service provider has also chosen to employ Genetic Signatures’ proprietary workflow solution, the GS1-HT System to assist in processing clinical samples for use with EasyScreen assays. The new customer creates an opportunity to supply up to 1,000 tests per day during peak flu season and approximately 100-200 outside of the flu season. The customer is currently consuming approximately 400 tests per day in the lead up to peak flu season. The new contract has been signed ahead of the domestic flu season, which is expected to occur later in the year compared to 2017, based on current industry feedback.

New laboratory Instrumentation: Genetic Signatures Automation System (GS1- HT)

The GS1-HT is a high-throughput, proprietary workflow automation system that has been designed to optimise sample processing with EasyScreen assays, as well as other general laboratory processes. Genetic Signatures EasyScreen Detection Kits are platform agnostic and are compatible with most common laboratory equipment.

The GS1-HT system however offers a more consolidated and efficient workflow for the lab on a single platform. The GS1-HT allows customers to reduce the processing time by approximately 45 minutes with runs of up to 96 samples. This results in an increase in throughput of up to 15% relative to existing instrumentation.

EasyScreen Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit (second generation)

The EasyScreen Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit (second generation) leverages the Company’s proprietary molecular diagnostic (MDx) 3base™ platform technology. The kit can simultaneously detect 14 common respiratory pathogens (including Influenza A & B, Rhinovirus and M. pneumoniae) and allows for rapid detection in approximately 4.5 hours with minimal hands-on time for laboratory technicians. Being platform agnostic, the EasyScreen Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit has broad market appeal in that it can be adopted in most testing laboratories.

NOTE: The EasyScreen Respiratory Pathogen Detection Kit is currently for Research Use Only with the Company expecting to receive regulatory registration in Australia (TGA) and Europe (CE-IVD) in the coming months. The 14 targets detected by the kit are also available as Analyte Specific Reagents (ASRs) in the USA.

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Date Published: 30th August 2018

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