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Simplified Carbapenemase Screening with CAT-ID™

Mast have introduced the latest addition to the mastdiscs™ ID range - CAT-ID™, an effortless and efficient assay for the simple screening of carbapenemase-producing-Enterobacteriaceae (CPE).

The detection of CPE is significantly difficult due to the diverse range of resistance profiles that are employed amongst differing carbapenemase enzymes (MBL, KPC and OXA). Although there are a variety of tests available for the detection of MBL and KPC enzymes, OXA-48-like enzymes continue to be problematic.

CAT-ID™ has been developed for the simple screening of carbapenemase activity amongst Enterobacteriaceae and is able to identify OXA-48-CPE. CAT-ID™ is an easy one disc assay which doesn’t require any measurement or analysis as carbapenemase production is identified via simple observation. MBL and KPC-producing isolates will display total resistance to faropenem and no zone is generated around the CAT-ID™ disc. Furthermore, OXA-48-producing isolates are easily distinguished from the unique formation of a ‘double zone’ around the CAT-ID™ disc, which features a clear zone with micro-colonies.

CAT-ID™ can also be used in conjunction with Mast Carbapenemase Detection Set (D70C) and mastdiscs™ AST – Temocillin, for confirmation of KPC, MBL and OXA-48 production in Enterobacteriaceae.

CAT-ID™ - simple, cost-effective and a must have for any CPE toolkit!

For more information please contact sales@mastgrp.com

Tags: Carbapenemase Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase NDM-1, Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (KPC), Antibiotic Resistance, OXA-48

Date Published: November 18, 2014

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