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23rd September 2014  Content supplied by: Seward Limited

Seward Gains ISO14001 for Environmental Management

Seward Ltd. has received certification for ISO14001 which confirms the Company’s commitment to minimising its environmental impact and continually improving its sustainable development.

In line with ISO14001 requirements, Seward’s environmental policy focuses on minimising material and energy wastage, as well as promoting the use of recyclable and renewable materials in its Stomacher bag manufacturing process. Ultimately the Company aims to recycle all waste from its business, so to achieve this it is currently working in conjunction with a private company who operate a ‘Zero Landfill Policy’.

Ensuring that Seward complies with ISO14001, since starting manufacturing Stomacher bags in the UK earlier this year, the Company is now recycling 85% of all its plastic, paper and cardboard material production waste. This is contributing to an overall 40% reduction in general company waste. Seward also aims to ultimately recycle all cans, plastic bottles, batteries and food waste in order to achieve ‘Zero Landfill’ status.

Further enhancing its strong environmental credentials, Seward is now also a UK Environment Agency registered EEE (electrical and electronic equipment) producer. This means that it will take back any waste EEE originally supplied by Seward and dispose of it in an environmentally sound manner.

“Achieving ISO14001 certification is a key milestone in our ongoing commitment to operating Seward as an environmentally sensitive company and also fully complying with international environmental legislation,” said Dan Crothers, General Manager, Seward Ltd. “Also in line with our strong green credentials, we are keen to talk to customers who have similar environmental policies to us and who are interested in collaborating to reduce the environmental impact of laboratory testing.”

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Date Published: 23rd September 2014

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