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7th September 2020  Content supplied by: BC Aplicaciones Analíticas S.L.

Sensilux®: The Easiest Solution for Your Beverage Batch Release

As a manufacturer of aseptic or extended shelf-life beverages, your company needs a fast and reliable system to control potential microbial presence and growth, before batch release.

Based on the widely used bioluminescence technology, now you have an alternative: Sensilux®. A fast and simple method applicable to several types of beverages produced in the industry: from milk and dairy products to vegetable extracts (soy, almond, rice, oat beverages); fruit juices or mixed milk/fruit smoothies; soups and broths, and several others.

Our system offers your quality control laboratory several advantages:

  • Fast method; up to 600 results/hour (after incubation)
  • Easy to use and reliable with high sensitivity
  • Early detection of potential contaminants leads to reduced inventory and warehouse lead times
  • For a high number of samples, robotic automated sampling including sample traceability and pH measurement
  • Personalised technical support

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Date Published: 7th September 2020

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