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4th November 2020  Author: rapidmicrobiology staff writer

Screen and Interpret Thousands of MRSA Plates Daily Through Automated Imaging

The largest clinical laboratory group in Germany; The Limbach group, has adopted an automated detection system for MRSA screening and detection.

The artificially-intelligent APAS independence (Automated Plate Assessment System) from LBT innovations, automates culture-plate screening and interpretation.

The APAS MRSA Analysis Module (AM) was CE-marked in late 2019 and is available for sale in all EU member countries.

The MRSA analysis module was completed in partnership with the Australian reference site, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. This process required that results from the APAS® Independence were compared against a microbiologist’s interpretation of the culture plates, demonstrating the instrument’s ability to differentiate between culture plates demonstrating MRSA bacterial growth and those without.

The APAS® Independence with MRSA analysis met the primary objective of the study, providing the clinical validation of the technology required for the CE Mark registration.

The MRSA analysis module is particularly important for the launch of the APAS® Independence in the European Union where testing for MRSA is much higher than in other regions, due to greater requirements for infection control screening.

In this market, MRSA testing combined with urine accounts for 50-70% of the specimens processed in the majority of laboratories. The high negativity rate of MRSA tests, which can be over 95%, makes it particularly well suited to the APAS® technology which automatically removes negative plates from the workflow, therefore providing greater value to our customers.

The APAS Independence instrument and software is now licensed to Limbach’s Labor Dr Gärtner (LDG) clinical laboratory for 5 years.

LBT already has a global distribution agreement with Beckman Coulter. However, this deal was struck between Clever Culture Systems (CCS), which is 50% owned by LBT, and LDG.

Clever Culture Systems has hired local firm; One Service AG, to install, calibrate and maintain by the APAS instrument for the duration of the license.

Outside of the European Union, it is also available for sale in Australia under the Company’s existing TGA registration and is FDA approved.

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Date Published: 4th November 2020

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