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30th September 2013  Content supplied by: Scharlab S.L.

Scharlab Improves Ps. aeruginosa Agars

Cetrimide Agar and Cetrimide-Nalidixic Agar, from Scharlab, S.L. have been improved, product reference numbers 01-160 and 01-609 respectively, they are selective media for Pseudomonas aeruginosa detection.Cetrimide Agar, 01-160, is as described in the Harmonized Pharmacopoeia while Cetrimide-Nalidixic Agar, 01-609, is recommended in European Normative 12780-2002 and ISO 16266 Standards for water analysis.

Improvements include better Pseudomonas recovery, clearer pigment production and visible colony growth at 24 hours.




Date Published: 30th September 2013

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