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16th October 2023  Content supplied by: bioMérieux (Industry)

Save Time and Money When Testing for Mycoplasma With Automation

A Fully Automated System Enabling Results In Under An Hour

Did you know that you can reduce time spent on testing without relying on an outside laboratory?
Bring your mycoplasma testing in-house without risk of human error — the BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma system requires only two minutes of hands-on time, allowing your team to increase productivity and maximize resources.

Click below to access a 15-minute on-demand webinar and learn how the BIOFIRE® Mycoplasma “molecular lab in a pouch” allows virtually anyone to test for mycoplasma anywhere, at any time. 

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Interested in the data behind this groundbreaking system? Look no further — four bioproduction manufacturers evaluated the BIOFIRE FILMARRAY 2.0 system and presented their findings at the 2021 PDA annual conference.

The results from these independent evaluators show that the BIOFIRE FILMARRAY system is well-suited as both a release test and/or as an in-process control test for high-density CHO cell samples. The studies showed no product interference and high sensitivity, providing reliable mycoplasma results in less than 1 hour.

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Date Published: 16th October 2023

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