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18th July 2023  Content supplied by: ZeptoMetrix

Ready to Reach Full Confidence in Your Evaluation and Monitoring of Antigen-based Assay Performance?

Rapid antigen tests are used every day for detecting respiratory diseases, such as SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza. Today, inactivated, whole organism QCs for antigen tests can be used by diagnostic developers to better evaluate the performance of their assays, contributing to higher-quality tests.
Reach full confidence in your antigen-based assays
ZeptoMetrix® PROtrol™ is a novel line of products designed for antigen-based diagnostic methods for infectious diseases, including lateral flow immunoassays. PROtrol is the only whole organism reference material to provide complete testing data. The reported specific protein concentration and TCID50 minimize qualification testing and decrease the need for repeat testing, which saves time and money.
Visit our website to learn more about PROtrol and ask about our custom capabilities.

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Date Published: 18th July 2023

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