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15th February 2021  Content supplied by: Hygiena

Rapid PCR Enumeration of Legionella spp., Including L. pneumophila and L. pn. serogroup 1

The microproof® Legionella Quantification LyoKit is used to rapidly quantify Legionella spp., L. pneumophila and L. pn. serogroup 1 in water samples or to confirm colonies from plates (in conjunction with ISO 11731).


  • Live/dead differentiation using Reagent D

  • Validated in accordance with ISO 12869:2019.  A detailed validation report is available.

  • 100% specific: no false-positive or false-negative results.

  • Lyophilized kits:

- Less pipetting: reduced risk of cross-contamination
- Easy storage at 2 - 8 °C – hassle-free transportation at room temperature
- Sensitive: use up to 25 µl of sample for PCR


  • Simple and easy procedures

  • Colony confirmation requires almost no hands-on time, results in 1 hr for up to 94 colonies

  • The assay is compatible with all relevant sample types, including clear or turbid water samples (e.g. cooling towers)



Date Published: 15th February 2021

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