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7th December 2020  Content supplied by: MCS Diagnostics BV

Rapid Microbial Results for Food and Personal Care Industries

Fast, affordable, reliable, and easy to use…

CertaBlue™ is based on the rapid detection of several metabolic processes that take place within the growing organism. The system can detect color changes through highly sensitive optical sensors. All vials are ready to use, prefilled with media, and equipped with CertaBlue™ sensors.

What can CertaBlue™ offer you:
  • Simplified test procedures
  • Ready-to-use vials including media and CertaBlue™ sensor
  • Test procedure consists of just adding your sample to the vial
Rapid results:
  • Real-time detection and early warning of positive samples
  • Ensures a quick and safe product release
  • Improved recovery of injured and/or damaged microorganisms
  • Compatible with all laboratory information management systems (LIMS)

Why Wait…

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Date Published: 7th December 2020

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