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13th December 2006  Content supplied by: Pro-Lab Diagnostics

Range of Anaerobic and Microaerophilic Workstations Available from Pro-lab

Pro-Lab Diagnostics are pleased to announce the exclusive availability of the Ruskinn Range of Anaerobic and Microaerophilic workstations from Pro-lab Diagnostics in The UK.

The Ruskinn range of products combines excellent performance and ergonomics with low running costs without compromising quality. Currently there are 988 installed units world-wide in use in 30 countries and on four continents, and we would be pleased to offer you 3rd party references on request.

Many recent design changes offer many benefits to the end users, the full range of cabinets offering a unit to suit all needs from Bug Box, and Bug Box Plus to the Concept 400 and Concept Plus. Finally the Concept 1000 offering many unique features and extensive capacity for the larger laboratory.

Full details are available on request, as are site visits to established systems, please use the contact details at the top of this page.

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Date Published: 13th December 2006

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