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16th December 2020  Product update: rapidmicrobiology staff writer

Quick and Easy Tests for Meat Speciation

NEOGEN Corporation has developed the quickest and easiest tests available to determine meat speciation in raw meat and environmental samples.

NEOGEN’s new Reveal® tests for horse, beef, sheep, and poultry provide accurate results in just 5 minutes after a simple water extraction. The new tests can detect as little as 0.5% of the target species in raw meat or raw processed samples, and have also been validated for use with environmental swabs and rinse water samples.

The new tests join NEOGEN’s existing Reveal for Pork in the company’s simple and quick meat speciation test range.

“We developed these tests to meet the need for quick and easy tests to help prevent the accidental or deliberate inclusion of other meats in raw processed meats, and to validate cleaning following product changeovers,” said John Adent, NEOGEN president and chief executive officer. “In just minutes, with minimal equipment, a company can protect its brands and assure its consumers that its products are safe and wholesome — and properly labelled.”

The new tests follow NEOGEN’s very easy Reveal format, which utilizes lateral flow test strips to produce easy-to-interpret results.

In both internal and independent testing, the Reveal tests have been shown to accurately detect the target species, including horse, beef, sheep, poultry or pork, in raw meat samples. The tests did not produce false-positive results if the samples contained only meat from non-target species.

NEOGEN’s full line of meat speciation products also includes BioKits tests for species identification, which provide sensitive and specific qualitative detection of a range of animal species. BioKits tests are available for cooked pork, beef, poultry and sheep, and for raw cow, pig, sheep, poultry and horse species.

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Date Published: 16th December 2020

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