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Qualitative Detection of Adenovirus in Stools

The virus is, together with Rotavirus, the first gastro-intestinal infection in terms of volumes tested in the world. In Europe, about 5.5 million tests are performed every year and the market is estimated to be over 9 million euro.

DiaSorin launched, in markets outside the United States and the United Kingdom, its sixth LIAISON test for the qualitative detection of Adenovirus in stool samples. The test is an addition to the 5 most important tests of the "stool testing" panel, already available on the market (C. difficile toxin A&B, C. difficile GDH, Helicobacter pylori, EHEC, Rotavirus).

Adenovirus - a virus that is resistant to drugs and dangerous for infants, children and immunosuppressed patients - is, along with Rotavirus, extremely spread-out worldwide and is the first gastro-intestinal infection in terms of volumes tested: in Europe alone, about 5.5 million tests are made every year for a market that is estimated at more than € 9 million. Throughout the world, the Adenovirus test is usually done in conjunction with that for Rotavirus (combo test "Rota / Adeno").

Chen Even, Senior Corporate Vice President Commercial Operations of DiaSorin, commented: “With the launch of Adenovirus, DiaSorin increases its panel of specific tests of gastro-intestinal infections on stool samples, thus offering a panel of 6 automated diagnostic solutions. Furthermore, since Adenovirus is always tested together with Rotavirus, it is possible to propose both tests together, providing a complete solution to a new customer base, which today still uses manual techniques that are often problematic.”

Tags: Adenovirus, Gastroenteritis

Date Published: October 6, 2014

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