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17th February 2020  Content supplied by: LGC Standards Proficiency Testing

Proficiency Testing Samples that Provides a Real-World Challenge

Choosing the right testing method for Salmonella is a difficult decision, especially given that no single method will be able to detect all 2,500+ serovars in all matrices.

That’s why it is essential that a Salmonella proficiency testing scheme includes a comprehensive range of matrices, strains, and levels, with or without background flora, and occasionally even including atypical strains.

LGC Proficiency Testing Salmonella range offers over 20 unique strains of Salmonella, in over 20 different matrices (food, feed, beverage, surfaces, plus more), with differing levels of contamination and occasionally containing competition flora. This will help to provide your analysts the opportunity to fully challenge their methods under a number of different scenarios and increase their likelihood of detecting Salmonella in a real-world sample.

Great results are born out of confidence and by working with LGC Proficiency Testing you can have the assurance that your decision making is informed, reliable and effective. Salmonella samples are available every month and include a high number of participants from around the world, whilst allowing you the opportunity to report up to 13 results. PT reports are available in as little as 5 working days. If you are a laboratory seeking accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, or an organisation looking for consistency in delivering a quality product, then LGC will have a Salmonella proficiency testing sample designed for you.

Challenge your Salmonella testing now 

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Date Published: 17th February 2020

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