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4th May 2023  Product update: rapidmicrobiology staff writer

Predictive Modeling Tool for Natural Mold Inhibition in Baked Goods

With the introduction of the Corbion Natural Mold Inhibition Model (CNMIM), a new predictive modelling tool, bakers can now produce label-friendly, commercial baked goods that look, feel, and taste oven-fresh more quickly and with greater confidence. CNMIM predicts a product's mold-free shelf life using specific product parameters and real-world testing against 11 different mold strains that are common on baked goods. In order to help bakers choose the best option for their product, the tool compares up to three different natural mold inhibitor formulations.

The CNMIM, the first model of its kind created especially for the baking sector, enables quick identification and validation of ideal natural interventions with fewer challenge studies, saving bakers time and money when launching new products.

"Natural mold inhibition technology has come a long way in recent years, but some bakers dread the new product development process, which can be slow and costly," said Domenico Vulcano, Vice President Global Innovation at Corbion. "By leveraging Corbion's microbiological expertise, and predictive modelling strengths built over more than two decades, this new tool makes it possible for our customers to bring fresh products to market much faster and more cost-effectively. It makes the transition to a more natural, mold-free consumer experience far easier."

The CNMIM estimates the number of days before visible mold growth occurs for various relevant molds at both a group and individual species level, taking into account the customer's product characteristics and formulation. In order to help bakers choose the best way to produce more natural baked goods that are in line with consumer preferences and reduce the risk of product returns, CNMIM's detailed modelling results enable a direct comparison of various preservation solutions.

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Date Published: 4th May 2023

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