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1st October 2019  Content supplied by: Porvair plc

Pipette Tips Deliver Superior Liquid Handling and Dispensing

Pipette Tips












Porvair Sciences has launched a new range of Liquid Handling Pipette Tip Filters that provide unmatched capabilities to block out aerosol and liquid contaminants.

Hilary Bishop, Product Manager for Porous Products, commented “Using our proprietary Vyon® porous plastics, the new pipette tip filters are fully compliant with FDA, USP Class VI and European Pharmacopoeia statutory regulations as well as being free from heavy metals.  The unique combination of these ultra-clean materials, with excellent porosity properties, overcomes the traditional pipette tip challenges of reproducibility during high volume manufacturing and issues with cross-contamination”.

She added “Manufacturing to tight tolerances with an excellent edge finish ensures our pipette tip filters always provide an optimum fit into your pipette tip enabling labs to routinely achieve superior liquid handling and dispensing.  Porvair pipette tip filters are produced using state-of-the-art inline technology for measuring airflow and thickness which delivers highly consistent products that ensure the robustness and reproducibility of your liquid handling”.

For further information please visit. To discuss OEM development of Vyon pipette tip for your liquid handling system please contact Porvair Sciences Ltd



Date Published: 1st October 2019

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