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9th October 2017  Content supplied by: VistaLab Technologies, Inc.

Pipet Controller Does One Button Aliquoting

VistaLab™ Technologies has introduced the world’s only aliquoting pipet controller, the Ovation® ali-Q™. The Ovation ali-Q is the first pipet controller that allows precise aliquoting without the need for manual "eyeballing" of the meniscus. ali-Q’s revolutionary innovation provides accurate reproducibility while decreasing user fatigue, thus increasing productivity!

The Ovation ali-Q incorporates a proprietary intelligent measuring system to precisely measure and dispense aliquots with minimal input from the user. The user simply sets an aliquot volume on the volume-set dial and with a single press of the unique aliquot button dispenses each aliquot. When compared to the traditional user-controlled aliquoting process, the Ovation ali-Q's semi-automated process provides accurate reproducibility that is unattainable manually and is much easier and faster.

ali-Q uses an array of sensors to make corrections ensuring accuracy even when there are variations in temperature, humidity or pressure. Thanks to an integrated accelerometer, the system works at any dispense angle so the user can maintain a comfortable body position while dispensing, even when working in a hood. This technology, in combination with the elimination of the need to visually gauge the meniscus, makes the Ovation ali-Q more comfortable to use overall and can help reduce arm fatigue, shoulder pain, back pain and other pipetting-related discomfort.

Aside from these revolutionary improvements, the Ovation ali-Q works like a standard pipet controller and works with any standard serological pipet. However, using ali-Q with VistaLab's Wobble-not™ serological pipets will provide even better accuracy and precision. The Wobble-not’s innovative design gives users an ergonomic advantage with low insertion force and maximum stability, which means less wobble and less drip! Together, VistaLab Technologies has created the optimal liquid handling system for serological pipetting with Ovation ali-Q and Wobble-not.

The latest revolutionary innovation in liquid handling from VistaLab Technologies. ali-Q allows you to aspirate and dispense with serological pipets as you're used to BUT aliquot with accuracy and precision without the need to "eyeball" the meniscus. Just set the aliquot volume you need on the dial and with each press of the aliquoting button, dispense each aliquot. Faster, more accurate aliquoting with less fatigue. Increase your productivity with ali-Q!

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Date Published: 9th October 2017

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