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17th May 2018  Content supplied by: innovaprep

InnovaPrep’s Concentrating Pipette Select™ for Spoilage Concentration in Minutes

1821_Innovaprep_beerNow you can perform spoilage concentration in minutes with a simple button press using InnovaPrep’s Concentrating Pipette Select. Improves sensitivity of any analytical method whether molecular or culture based.


Step 1: If the beverage is carbonated, pour the full sample into the Be Flat™ Degassing Jar. If not carbonated, skip to step 3

Step 2: Refrigerate for 10-20 minutes

Step 3: Run the sample through the Concentrating Pipette Select. Any spoilage organisms or particles in the sample will be concentrated and delivered with a button press in minutes and ready for analysis using your method of choice

  • Enables larger starting sample volumes than other methods, providing improved detection of trace contamination
  • Works for testing all points of production: water, ingredients, process samples, packaged product, as well as equipment and facility hygiene samples
  • Reduce labor, lost batches, and product hold-times
  • Release product to market with confidence
  • Sample to answer in a single shift!

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Date Published: 17th May 2018

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