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30th January 2017  Content supplied by: PathogenDX

PDx-C Ultra-Rapid Pathogen Detection Kit for Cannabis Labs

PathogenDx and Emerald Scientific have entered into a distribution agreement for the PDx-C test kits, the latest technology in microbial testing. Emerald Scientific is the leading provider of supplies and support to cannabis testing labs throughout the United States. The PathogenDx product line enables Emerald Scientific clients to test cannabis flower, extract, and infused products for E.coli, Salmonella, and Aspergillus simultaneously in six hours or less. The combination of Pathogen Dx technology and manufacturing with Emerald’s distribution reach and customer support provides the cannabis industry with the most rapid and cost effective method to procure PDx technology.

Based on using Low Cost Microarray technology the test is inexpensive and uses simple processing requiring minimal technician expertise with multiple pathogen detection and analysis all in one test. The microarrays come in a 12 to 48 well format allowing labs to perform up to 12 to 48 tests in parallel analyzing 10-20 pathogens simultaneously.

According to Dr. Carl Yamashiro, VP for Product Development, this is the first of a number of products to be released for PathogenDx, which will be coming to the market during 2017. Products include testing for pathogens in food, agriculture and water. Because PathogenDx uses its proprietary low cost and flexible microarray technology, PDx can keep up with the ever changing microbial testing requirements with little, few or no adjustments. This gives PDx customers rapid flexibility, providing safety and surety to their clients, minimizing the costs of recalls and brand damage.


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Date Published: 30th January 2017

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