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2nd December 2019  Content supplied by: Aqua Enviro Ltd.

Partnership Offers UV-C LED Water Disinfection for Laboratory Solutions

A new partnership provides SUEZ with AquiSense’s patented ultraviolet light emitting diode (UV-C LED) Water Treatment Technology for water disinfection directly at the point of use in critical laboratory applications.

AquiSense and SUEZ have been engaged in close co-operation for over a year in a detailed joint development effort to deliver an advanced laboratory water purification unit equipped with advanced UV-C LED technology. The new laboratory product offers a high-level microbial disinfection barrier directly at the point of use. Unlike competing units, where pathogens can enter the upstream pipeline contaminating the system and future samples, the new UV LED disinfection acts as a barrier preventing contamination from entering the water purification system as a whole.


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Date Published: 2nd December 2019

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