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9th September 2014  Content supplied by: Particle Measuring Systems

Particle Measuring Systems Appoints Scandinavian Distributor

Since the 2010 acquisition of Biotrace MicroSafe, Particle Measuring Systems continues to diversify into all areas of contamination control. In 2014 alone, Particle Measuring Systems has launched six new products to innovate and simplify microbial sampling, particle counting and data integration in aseptic manufacturing environments. This focus on one-stop solutions continues with the appointment of a new distributor in Scandinavia. Miclev AB –  Scandinavia’s leading provider of microbiological media – and Particle Measuring Systems have joined together to offer a single-source for microbiological air samplers and consumables to customers throughout Scandinavia.

This alliance will allow both businesses to draw on the extensive experience of Miclev to market a complete microbiological product portfolio and extend customer support outside of Denmark. It frees up Particle Measuring Systems personnel in Denmark to invest in improved local customer service support, specialist skills needed for turn-key integrated facility monitoring solutions and directly supply customers requiring more complex solutions for environmental monitoring.

These changes will greatly improve both product support and convenience for customers. Miclev is recognized as one of Scandinavia’s top providers of microbiological products and will now be available to make add both microbial air samplers and particle counters in Finland, Norway and Sweden. PMS is investing to improve both customer support and provision of integrated environmental monitoring and strengthens with this alliance.

Download pdf of Particle Measuring Systems range for viable and non-viable Environmental Monitoring solutions www.pmeasuring.com/wrap/filesMisc/PharmabilitiesBrochure82211/file_1/ver_1314037133/file.pdf

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Date Published: 9th September 2014

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