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Ceeram Launches Two New Microbial Source Tracking Kits

Ceeram has recently introduced two new ceeramTools™ TEST PACKS for determining the origin of a fecal contamination - Bacteriophages and bacteroides - in water samples.
Posted: 2013-02-25 F W

BAX® System Certified by AOAC for Salmonella Detection

Effective method for detecting Salmonella in raw ground beef, chicken rinses, cream cheese, bagged lettuce, dry pet food and on stainless steel surfaces.
Posted: 2013-02-19 F

Lab M Adds Extensive Water Industry Experience to Senior Team

Lab M has appointed Tim Down, a microbiologist who has worked in the water industry for many years, as Operations Manager at the company's headquarters in Heywood, Greater Manchester, UK.
Posted: 2013-02-19 C F P W

bioMérieux Releases Etest® Ceftaroline

Susceptibility testing with Etest® Ceftaroline provides a broad, 15 two-fold dilution, minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) range of 0.002 to 32 µg/mL. The MICs provided by Etest® are intended to help guide optimal antibiotic therapy.
Posted: 2013-02-18 C

PCR Kit for Detection of Horse in Meat and Processed Meat Products

In January, the UK Food Safety Authority found beef burgers which actually contained up to 100% horse meat during a routine inspection. This month horse meat was also found in other deep frozen products like lasagna and mousaka, which were labeled
Posted: 2013-02-18 F

Tackling Nutraceutical Products with Rapid Automated Microbiology Testing!

The BioLumix System brings automated microbiological testing in house with most assay results achieved over night.
Posted: 2013-02-18 F P

Neogen Europe Offers Meat Speciation, On-site and Contract Laboratory

On-site products include F.A.S.T. Species Identification kits, which are simple yet robust qualitative tests with a limit of detection of 1%.
Posted: 2013-02-18 C F

Neogen Europe Launches Redesigned Website for Phytodiagnostics Kits

Kits and reagents for the detection of more than 250 plant pathogens are available in range of formats to suit all testing requirements, standard ELISA testing and rapid methods.
Posted: 2013-02-18 C F

ATCC® NDM-1 Strains - Now Available!

To aid in the development of diagnostic tools that can rapidly and accurately identify these superbugs, ATCC now offers five clinical strains of drug-resistant bacteria known to produce NDM-1.
Posted: 2013-02-18 C

PPD Expands Microbiology Testing Capabilities at Brussels and Singapore Labs

Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC (PPD) a global contract research organization has strengthened its central laboratory testing services in infectious diseases.
Posted: 2013-02-11 C P

Reliable, High-Throughout Tube Decapper

The Univo Electric Decapper DC480 is the latest addition to Micronic's 'blue-white' line of productive sample handling equipment, compatible with all Micronic tubes (up to 1.40ml) and tubes and caps of other brands.
Posted: 2013-02-11 C F O P

Enterococcus QuickFISH BC 20 Min ID from Positive Blood Cultures

From AdvanDx, the QuickFISH range significantly advances time-to-result and ease-of-use Staphylococcus QuickFISH and Enterococcus QuickFISH assays have FDA clearance and CE mark.
Posted: 2013-02-11 C F

New Standards for Molecular Parasite Assays

Standardise your molecular assays for parasitic diseases such as malaria, with a new range of synthetic controls from Alpha Laboratories that provide stable, consistent, safe and abundant material.
Posted: 2013-02-05 C

AOAC Extends PTM Approval to 3M Molecular Detection Assay Listeria

3M™ Molecular Detection Assay Listeria method is now certified for the detection of Listeria spp. in select food matrices, providing greater applicability of the method for food and beverage processors.
Posted: 2013-02-05 F

FOSS Provides 4 Year Warranty on Analytical Instruments

FossCare Premium Preventive Maintenance Agreement provides a 4 year warranty while two years warranty is provided as part of any other FossCare agreement.
Posted: 2013-02-04 F

New Independent Validation Study of ProtoCOL 3 System

Synbiosis ProtoCOL 3 rapid automated colony counter has been shown to perform with the same accuracy as manual colony counting for enumerating 10 different types of microbial colonies on a range of agar plates.
Posted: 2013-02-04 C F O P

New Hoist Increases Versatility of Priorclave Autoclave

Loadlite Designed as an option for use with Priorclave's versatile range of top-loading autoclaves is a new electric hoist called Loadlite. By adding this to vertical chamber steam sterilisers it makes light work of lowering/raising heavy awkward objects
Posted: 2013-02-04 C F O P V W

ENTEROTEST ID: 6 Reactions and Motility in One Single Tube

From Condalab, the ENTEROTEST ID identifies Enterobacteriaceae using six biochemical reactions and motility all in one single tube.
Posted: 2013-01-29 C

ATCC Pneumococcal Polysaccharides in ELISA

A third-generation ELISA uses 22F inhibition to improve assay specificity, particularly at low antibody concentrations, can be recommended as a reference method
Posted: 2013-01-29 C

Sponge Sampling Kits Ready for Collection

Part of TSC's successful Enviroscreen Range, Sponge sampling kits have the advantage of being able to cover large surface areas, enabling the user to obtain very accurate quantitative and qualitative results.
Posted: 2013-01-29 C F O P

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