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26th November 2013  Content supplied by: Opgen

OpGen Opens CLIA Lab and Launches Microbial Genetic Tests for HAIs

OpGen, Inc., has received Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certification and has launched a clinical services laboratory with a focus on developing a best-in-class portfolio of genetic tests and analysis services for the surveillance and identification of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and human pathogens.

"With the significant mortality and costs associated with HAIs along with growing prevalence and concerns surrounding multi-drug resistant organisms, clinicians, hospitals and public health agencies need to be able to rapidly identify healthcare associated infections to effectively treat patients while minimizing the risk of outbreaks," said Douglas White, Chief Executive Officer of OpGen, Inc. "OpGen is building on the success of our Whole Genome Mapping applications in the public health and life sciences sectors to expand our capabilities to help hospitals and healthcare facilities combat HAIs and complex human pathogens. With the opening of our CLIA-certified laboratory, OpGen will provide a unique, comprehensive offering of infectious disease screening, diagnostic and epidemiology services."

OpGen's clinical services laboratory utilizes next generation DNA and genetic analysis technologies that include multiplex real-time PCR, Whole Genome Mapping and next generation sequencing. This comprehensive suite of capabilities enables OpGen to provide low cost, genetic testing for screening, surveillance, diagnosis, gene content and epidemiologic analysis of infectious diseases. OpGen offers Whole Genome Mapping genetic analysis of HAIs, as well as sequence analysis of C. difficile on a worldwide basis. Additionally, the company will offer real-time PCR screening and surveillance of MRSA and complete C. difficile hyper-virulence diagnostic testing services in the mid-Atlantic region. The company is actively developing tests for a broad array of gram-negative and gram-positive multi-drug resistant organisms.




Date Published: 26th November 2013

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