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30th April 2015  Content supplied by: Döhler

OFS & SSL – Ready-to-use Culture Media for Beverage Spoiling Organisms

OFS & SSL – Both media allow yeast, mould, lactic and acidic bacteria to be easily detected within the beverage industry:

OFS is a ready-to-use selective agar for a fast and safe detection of beverage spoiling microorganisms within the soft drink, dairy and winery industry. It can be used in the pour plate method for ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, rinse water samples, for the cultivation of microorganisms or as a nutrient base for membrane filters.

SSL is a sterilized, ready-to-use selective broth for a fast and qualitative trace detection in filterable and non-filterable beverages, compounds or base ingredients in the soft drink, dairy and winery industry. In addition, it can be used as a template for swab samples and for the cultivation of spoiling microorganisms in RTD beverages.

Both culture media are premixed and autoclaved in order to save time in routine microbiological applications.

If your sample has previously been enriched in SSL broth, it can subsequently be incubated on OFS agar. The combination of both media results in a powerful tool for the detection of trace contamination and the quantitative estimation of the initial number of spoiling microorganisms. Subsequently, single colonies on OFS agar can be further analysed by means of sophisticated species-specific techniques such as qPCR, FT-IR spectroscopy or mass spectrometry.

OFS & SSL provides:

  • Easy detection of yeast, mould, lactic and acidic bacteria
  • Sampling of versatile beverages and beverage-related samples
  • Immediate time-saving use as ready-to-use agar and broth solution
  • Generally tested function

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Date Published: 30th April 2015

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