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10th October 2023  Content supplied by: Oculyze

Oculyze Shakes Up Bioethanol Production With Innovative Yeast Analysis Web App

Oculyze GmbH, a leading German technology company, is proud to announce the launch of its cutting-edge web application tailored for bioethanol producers. The Oculyze Bioethanol Web App was designed to revolutionize yeast analysis and fermentation optimization, making the entire process faster, more accurate, and highly cost-effective.

Efficient bioethanol production depends on precise monitoring of yeast growth during propagation and fermentation. Oculyze's new Bioethanol Web App offers a simple and affordable solution to this critical aspect of the industry. It automatically and almost instantly analyzes yeast cell concentration, viability, and budding count, a remarkable improvement over traditional manual counting methods.

Key Features of Oculyze Bioethanol Web App include:
Speedy and Accurate Yeast Cell Analysis
The app is 10 times faster than manual counting, providing rapid results with exceptional accuracy. Very importantly, it also eliminates the need for expert knowledge and time-consuming training, making it immediately accessible to all users.

The Oculyze Bioethanol Web App automatically analyzes yeast cell concentration, viability, and budding count. It uses a sample volume equivalent to that of a counting chamber but delivers results in a fraction of the time.

Clumped Cells Separation
The Oculyze Web App guarantees exceptionally accurate results, even in the presence of non-yeast particles, such as corn starch. It automatically detects budding cells and displays the count as a distinct value, along with a graph depicting the distribution of cell sizes.

Pitch Rate Calculator
The app includes an automated pitch rate calculator that utilizes concentration and viability data to help users establish the optimal pitch rate for their batches, ensuring a highly optimized process.

Fermentation Tracking
Users can effectively track the fermentation progress through comprehensive graphs that display measurements of yeast concentration and viability. This feature enables comparative analysis across different batches, leading to enhanced consistency and optimization of the fermentation process.

Automated & Customized Documentation
The app allows users to enhance their measurements with personalized tags and comments, streamlining data organization. The entire documentation process is automated and accessible via the web app, with options to export data in CSV format or generate custom PDF reports.

Reliable Results, Every Time
The Oculyze Bioethanol Web App ensures 100% reproducible results. A sharpness indicator guides users in capturing the best images, while warnings are issued for any inconsistencies in samples or measurements outside the range.

Bioethanol Production Shake-Up
Oculyze Bioethanol Web App is poised to revolutionize the bioethanol production process, providing producers with a competitive edge through faster, more accurate yeast analysis and fermentation optimization.

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Date Published: 10th October 2023

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