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21st May 2012  Content supplied by: Micronic BV

Novel Storage Tube Provides Space Savings

Micronic Europe announces that it has secured exclusive worldwide rights to market Octygen - the first externally threaded, 2D coded, 0.50ml screw cap sample storage tube.

At just 25.6mm tall and offering a massive 475 microlitres working volume - Octygen uses just 60% of the space typical 0.50ml 96-well screw cap tubes use to store the same volume. Consequently the increased storage density possible with Octygen translates into direct savings on your storage costs. To further optimise use of valuable storage space - 96 individual 0.5ml Octygen tubes can be stored in an automation compatible Micronic rack.

Manufactured from high purity polypropylene in a controlled environment compliant with ISO 14644 and medical manufacturing standard ISO 13485 each Octygen tube is uniquely identified with a laser etched 2D Data-Matrix code that will never wear or fall off.

Designed for both manual and automated low temperature storage applications the external thread design of Octygen tubes optimises manual sample handling. A super safe polypropylene cap / polypropylene tube seal in the rim of each Octygen tube minimises diffusion of vapour during storage, even in dehumidified automation areas, thereby ensuring high sample integrity.

For further information about Octygen please visit our website or contact Micronic Europe now on +31-320-277070.

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Date Published: 21st May 2012

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