Puritan Enviromax and ESK for Surface Sampling

Next-generation Tools for Your Environmental Sampling Program

Next generation environmental sampling swabs and spongesSee new environmental sampling tools to help improve recovery of microorganisms from small niches to large surface areas. Solve sample collection challenges such as:

  • Neutralizing residual sanitizers to prevent false negative results
  • Penetrating biofilms to ensure collection of pathogens present in the environment
  • Collecting samples from unique or hard to reach areas


Learn how PUR-Polyurethane sponges and swabs can improve your environmental monitoring program by:

  • Increasing recovery of microorganisms from surfaces resulting in more accurate plate counts or detection of pathogens
  • Allowing for aggressive sampling of rough surfaces without the crumbling or unwinding commonly seen other sponge and swab materials
  • Eliminating concerns about impurities, or biocides in the collection device impacting results


Understand the differences between collection solutions such as HiCap Neutralizing Broth Neutralizing Buffer, Letheen Broth, and D/E Neutralizing Broth including:

  • What types of sanitizers do they neutralizing
  • How much sanitizer can they neutralize
  • Which one is compatible with your pathogen detection system or plating method


No matter what your environmental sampling challenge is, World Bioproducts has the expertise and experience to help find a solution.

Visit www.worldbioproducts.com or email info@worldbioproducts.net

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Date Published: June 27, 2017

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