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5th December 2017  Content supplied by: Antibody Solutions

Antibody Solutions & Single Cell Technology Announce Partnership

Antibody Solutions, a leader in discovery of therapeutic, biomarker and critical reagent antibodies, and Single Cell Technology, Inc. (SCT), a pioneer in single cell analysis technology, have launched a partnership that offers researchers one-stop access to advanced single B-cell antibody discovery capabilities. The new Single B-Cell Antibody Discovery service combines SCT's AbTHENEUM™ antibody discovery technology with Antibody Solutions' broad antibody discovery service platform, enabling researchers to run a comprehensive discovery campaign with one provider. SCT's AbTHENEUM™ technology delivers paired VH and VL sequences with antigen binding and cross-reactivity data per cell, enabling intelligent candidate selection.

"Joining forces with SCT will allow us to offer clients access to an entirely new discovery channel that centers acutely on antibody-secreting B cells that may not be present in hybridoma or display platforms. The Antibody Solutions/SCT partnership can help identify a broader repertoire of antibody candidates and bring more effective therapeutics to market sooner" said Dr. John Kenney, co-founder and president of Antibody Solutions.

Dr. Chun-Nan Chen, founder and CEO of SCT, said an allied benefit of the partnership is a more cost-effective method of research for clients. "The idea is to open up antibody innovation in a way that doesn't demand excessive up-front payments from sponsors and doesn't encumber them with future licensing entanglements," he said. Unlike with traditional payment models for antibody discovery that may require downstream royalties for successfully commercialized products, Antibody Solutions and SCT work on a fee-for-service basis that lets clients pursue the best possible science without concerns about future financial and intellectual property complications.




Date Published: 5th December 2017

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