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11th May 2020  Content supplied by: Neu-tec Group Inc.

Neutec Aids in the Fight Against COVID-19 with Automated Tube Fillers (VIDEO)

As more and more laboratories are coming online to combat COVID19, Neutec Group has been able to support the effort by providing laboratory automation, enabling the necessary large-scale output required for testing.

Neutec Group’s tube and bottle fillers have been in incredibly high demand as they allow for versatility and much needed scaling at this time of urgency and opportunity.

The XY Tube and Bottle Filler XY TF-3000/10 manufactured by Biotool Swiss have been in very high demand. It is the only instrument on the market that has an open system, with flexibility for most racks. It can fill up to 1000 test tubes per hour with extremely high precision. Neutec currently has clients using the instruments to fill up to 50,000 tubes per day.

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Date Published: 11th May 2020

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