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10th April 2012  Content supplied by: Psyche Systems

MicroPath™- the First LIS for Microbiology

Psyche Systems Corp. the company that provided the industry's first true client-server Laboratory Information System, have released MicroPath™, a purpose-built, full-featured, easy to use and affordable microbiology application.

MicroPath was built in conjunction with microbiologists to ensure that it meets the specific needs and workflow for microbiologists. Microbiology processing no longer needs to be a manual or cumbersome process.

"We are very happy with MicroPath" says Nick Cetani, Vice President, Laboratory Manager, BioReference Laboratories. "We were the first live customer for this solution and are pleased to say that it has provided us with an automated system that had reduced errors, provided more efficiency, increased our ability to be an automated micro lab with interfaces to our other systems and instrumentation."

A short list of the features available in MicroPath include:

  • customizable workup protocols,
  • intelligent batch result entry,
  • automated culture aging and reporting,
  • support for serology, parasitology and virology,
  • integration with instrumentation/automation systems,
  • antibiograms, epidemiology reporting and advanced data mining.




Date Published: 10th April 2012

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